MAXIMUS Distribution Limited is an “A” quality Film production company with vast expertise and experience in the film-making industry, operating on the island of Malta.

Its’ mission is to produce quality Under- Water documentary movies and its own branded films, in order to create a series of underwater historical docudramas entitled "Dark Waters".

This movie series consists of 12 independent episodes linked together by the mysterious  events leading to the loss of the infamous ships during the course of the First and the Second World Wars.

Four Episodes, telling the stories of such ships which went missing during the war, "Aegusa", "Russel", "Perseus" and "Olympus" are currently in an advanced stage of production and post-production.  
MAXIMUS Distribution Limited is constantly in search for new opportunities and historic events that will spark the interest of its viewers through breathtaking cinematographic experience


"The Mystery of Britannic" - a historical docudrama project that reveals the unique scenery and terrible fate of the sister ship of the famous Titanic. The project presents an on-screen combination of re-enacted historical events intertwined with scientific underwater documentary footage from the famous wreck.
The narration of the re-enacted story is being done by Nelly - who has departed her affluent family to serve as a newly recruited volunteer nurse on the hospital ship. Nelly shares her heart-piercing story of a courageous voyage aboard of the legendary Britannic - an ill-fated ocean liner, converted into the military hospital ship, bound for a shattering demise.
One of the most famous shipwreck researchers, Richard Kohler, helps the viewer to clearly apprehend the documentary materials. High-tech, deep-ocean submersibles and underwater research equipment allowed us to capture the unique footage of a sleeping giant at depths exceeding 100 meters.
Behold the long-gone wreck of the hospital ship in all her silent glory – HMS Britannic.


The documentary drama takes the viewer back in 1941, into the outburst of the Second World War, deep underwater where one of the submariners is struggling to escape the sunken HMS Perseus – JOHN CAPES. Further into the movie his story will be disclosed through the archived documents and the eyewitness testimonies as the only man, who survived the wreckage of the above mentioned submarine during her participation in the transportation of a secret cargo.


The documentary will take a viewer on a tour of Aegusa service from the moment it was built and launched on 7th December 1896 to its future reconstructions into the pompous floating palace used to host Royal guests from all the continents and further into a military vessel taking a great part into several war operations and campaigns. All key events and historical facts will be narrated and investigated by the famous underwater researcher and diver Richie Kohler, who will investigate the long sunken wreck of the yacht with the use of modern high-tech submersibles.


The story of “The death of a Nephilim” documentary with the help of unique underwater footage, historical exploration and a full-scale reenactment takes the viewer back to one of the most tragic moments of the World War I –the very beginning of the Gallipoli Campaign, that had claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The viewer is presented with the story of Gallipoli operation, where the powers of Entente are performing an amphibious landing to the Turkish shores in the key location of the peninsula. The only difficulty that resulted to be the scourge of the whole campaign was the German submarines. Due to this threat the campaign was aborted and the survivors evacuated covered by the formation of the remaining naval forces. HMS Russel was one of the ships in that formation.


The main aim of the project is to create the awareness to the problems of the global world ocean and show how new technologies and high-tech underwater machines, submersibles and robots can be used to help solving those issues.
It will consist of several parts that will be shot independently and represent various field of science, such as marine biology, geology, ecology and history, later they will be joined into the one documentary film with the help of group of gifted young scientist who will be main characters of the movie. Their expedition to various underwater locations and objects in search for scientific artifacts will reflect the current ecological of the world ocean.